It is Raining Stars in Cantabria!


Annua, San Vicente de la Barquera

Cantabria, along with the rest of Northern Spain, has always been well known for its great home cooked, traditional food “comida casera” at its many small, family run restaurants.

But since 2016, it has been raining stars here and this small region now boasts one three star, one two star and four one star Michelin restaurants, nicely spread out from east to west, all comfortably near to many of our houses and hotels.

Apart from the sheer excitement of the delicious eye-catching, innovative dishes, the “menus de degustacion” are a good and affordable way to get a tour of these restaurants’ culinary highlights, with prices starting from 85€ a head at La Solana in Ampuero.

And as for locations, Annua in San Vicente de la Barquera stands out particularly. Almost “ floating” at the head of the beautiful Ría de La Barquera, as you sample one of the artistically arranged dishes that make eyes, heart and stomach jump of joy, you could almost forgive yourself for thinking you were in heaven!

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