Surprising Castro Urdiales

Photo of Castro Urdiales' lighthouse

Our big surprise this summer was a visit to Castro Urdiales.

During the boom years – pre-crisis of course – the outskirts of Castro have suffered heavily with a lot of quite unsightly new developments, so much so that we’ve tended to give it a wide berth!

More was our surprise then that the heart of the town has, if anything, improved. The parking has all gone underground leaving a grand esplanade between the Belle Epoque style buildings and the busy port – with the castle and lovely Gothic church at one end, the beach at the other and the mountains behind, the whole thing makes a very pretty setting for a nice day out.

Always popular with Bilbainos especially in the summer, there’s a real buzz around the bars with a spectacular array of Basque style pintxos on offer at Cantabrian prices – quite irresistible!

Discover Castro Urdiales  and its beautiful surroundings on one of our Northern Spain Touring Holidays!

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