Listen out for the horn!

Photo of Bar/Shop Cofino in Caviedes, Cantabria

In this clinical, modern world of online shopping and hypermarket splurges, it is so very comforting that in Spain and Portugal, at least, fresh bread is still delivered daily to your door! Even in the remotest corners and most rural areas bread vans whizz about the countryside, tooting their horns loudly to announce their arrival. As the saying goes here “Nothing can seem longer than a day without bread.”

And then there are the amazing fish vans too, that come from miles away to bring the best sardines to the freshest calamares to the most out of the way villages. Listen out for the horn! That is what we have always said and hopefully can go on saying.

Photo of Fresh bread delivered to your door
Fresh bread delivered to your door

Let us not forget the essential village bar/shop too, so vital to community life. Very sadly, gradually disappearing, but it is up to us to make sure they are still here for a while yet. Seemingly open at all hours, everyday of the week, what more civilised way of buying your groceries than over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a chat with your shopkeeper and your neighbours?

And it all makes ecological sense too! Better one vehicle, than streams of us rushing individually to huge, impersonal supermarkets.

When you book one of our hand-picked holiday houses, you’ll receive our own guide on where to go shopping and eating out locally, among other useful information. The bread vans and bar-shops are, of course, also mentioned here.