Cider and Dinosaurs on the Asturian coast


IMG_9546Asturias’ ‘Cider Country’ or ‘The Dinosaur Coast’, call it what you will, the area around Lastres and Colunga at the foot of the Sierra del Sueve mountains is certainly one of our favourite spots.

On the one hand you have the unspoilt sandy beaches of La Isla, La Griega, El Barrigon and Lastres itself which, due to fossilised footprints on some of the rocks, give rise to the Dinosaur Coast tag (the MUJA Jurassic museum just outside Lastres helps the visitor understand and enjoy this rich heritage). On the other you have the Sueve mountains climbing straight from the sea to over 1100m, precursor to the Picos de Europa just beyond.

IMG_9533The lush green foothills crammed with apple orchards supply the traditional cider houses, so fundamental to the Asturian identity, and explain why the area is known as the ‘Cider Country’ yet there’s so much more on offer with an abundance of seafood restaurants with prices to suit every pocket!

The quaint but as yet unspoilt fishing port of Lastres and the busy little market town of Colunga are well communicated and offer a great base from which to explore eastern and central Asturias whether it’s the Picos, the coast or the historic cities of Oviedo and Gijón which interest you. You can get your adrenaline going by canoeing down the Rio Sella from Arriondas or boarding a fishing boat out of Lastres but you may be tempted just to kick back, have another cider and get into the local rhythm of things …

At La Cepada - showing how it should be done!
At La Cepada – showing how it should be done!

Casas Cantabricas have a lovely selection of charming hotels & lovely cottages  in or near the cider country for your ideal holiday in Asturias.

Lastres from El Fito 1, AsturiasTown beach, Lastres, AsturiasLastres - side streetLastres - street detailLastres, Asturias
Playa Isla, Colunga, AsturiasPlaya La Griega, Colunga, AsturiasDinosaur Museum, Colunga, AsturiasPlaya Griega y Sierra del Sueve 2, AsturiasPlaya Griega, AsturiasLastres, Asturias - alleyway

Lastres Colunga, a set on Flickr.

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