Getting connected in rural northern Spain

Great as it is to ‘get away from it all’, in today’s world of tablets and smartphones, ebooks and cloud computing a connection with the net is, if not a necessity, a definite plus.

At Casas Cantabricas our speciality is rural accommodation which lets you, the visitor, become part of the community and relax into the rhythm of the Spanish rural countryside – so by their very nature very few of our properties are ‘connected’.

It’s not all bad news though – the Spanish government as part of their rural development program have set up a vast network of ‘Telecentros’ where you can get connected free of charge. Ask the owner or give us a call for more information about the Telecentro nearest to your holiday home.

Essential vocab

Wi-fi is the same but pronounced ‘wee-fee’

To connect = Conectar

There are many ways you might ask to get connected, here’s one ¿Se puede connectar al wi-fi?

The other option is a mobile connection – your mobile phone supplier should be able to help you choose the right hardware. To get an idea of coverage where you will be staying some of the main service providers provide detailed maps:

Orange coverage map        Vodafone coverage map            Yoigo coverage map


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