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Holiday Wifi in nothern Spain

Stay connected while on holiday

With free data roaming it couldn't be more simple

If you need a strong, reliable connection whilst on holiday please contact us, some of our properties do offer WiFi and we are happy to make recommendations.

In general most of our rural properties don’t have WiFi but the good news is you can achieve a reasonable connection in most areas with any smartphone (depending on local coverage). And, with roaming charges now having been abolished, the costs are negligible.

Most smartphones allow you to connect up to 5 devices using a system called ‘tethering’ or ‘WiFi hotspot’ which uses your mobile as a Wi-Fi modem. If you need any help with setting up tethering please let us know and we'll be more than happy to advise.

If you do decide to use your mobile we recommend that you contact your service provider before travel to ensure that you have roaming data switched on. Also suppliers often sell pre-bookable 'bundles' which can work out cheaper.

Please bear in mind that you can also get connected in most bars and cafes - just ask for 'wee-fee'.

Also please note that you don't need to be connected to access the Vamoos app which we sent you with your holiday papers and local guides (though it is advisable to download the off-line maps over a good WiFi connection before you travel).

Finally, if the connection at the property is very important, you can check the coverage at the specific location. You might need to check with your supplier which network they use in Spain then you can consult coverage using the links below.

(NB the default map is 4G coverage which may be limited in rural areas. 3G is normally sufficient to get connected – you can select this in the top menu of each map to see that coverage)

Movistar          Orange          Vodafone          Yoigo

Hope this helps but please don’t hesitate to ask should you require more help or information.