Asturian cider houses

Asturian cider housesCider, called "sidra" or more affectionally "sidrina", going back to Celtic times, is the quintessential Asturian drink. Just seeing an Asturian pour out cider is an experience in itself - it resembles that of a bullfighter preparing for a verónica. Visit a traditional Asturian cider house "sidreria", particularly around the apple growing area of Villaviciosa and live the experience. The pungent aroma of sidra fills the air as the barmen and customers raise the green-tinted, unlabeled bottles above their heads and pour it into huge wide mouthed glasses which are then shared among the drinkers. Wash the cider down with chorizo, jamón or some pungent Cabrales cheese (local blue cheese) and some warm crusty bread and you won't want to leave!