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In the north-west corner of Castilla y León, as the Camino de Santiago approaches Galicia, the magnificent cathedral city of León.
The capital is an elegant provincial city with wide boulevards and lovely plazas lined with bars and restaurants and always seems lively whenever you happen to visit.
The main attraction is the Cathedral of Santa María with its fine rose window but there's plenty more Gaudi's famous Casa de Botines, various palaces and the Basilica de San Isidoro where, recent studies claim, the true Holy Grail is housed.
The province of León is immense, Castilla y León's largest and if you have time you might want to visit Astorga, Ponferrada, Las Médulas or carry on to El Bierzo, right on the border with Galicia...
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Historic hotel in the heart of Leon

Ref: HLEO1
León, Castilla y Leon
Bedrooms: 32

From £136 rm/night