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Take a ferry to northern Spain

Eight sailings every week

Travel in style, take one of Brittany Ferries' crossings direct to northern Spain.

Most of our properties in Cantabria and Asturias offer flexible start days and duration to help with your holiday plan. Where the start day isn't compatible with your chosen crossings we'll be happy to suggest hotel accommodation to bridge any gaps.

The ferries are in effect small cruise ships, with comfortable accommodation and a good choice of restaurants, bars and entertainment on board.

Brittany Ferries have a total of six sailings weekly from the UK and two sailings from Ireland to northern Spain; the crossing takes approximately 21 - 32 hours, (NB all outbound crossings from Portsmouth and the Friday crossing from Ireland to North Spain take two nights). 

Casas Cantabricas are happy to offer expert advice on all Brittany Ferries' crossings.

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Onward travel

Properties and hotels within Cantabria, Asturias and the Basque country are within easy reach of Santander, whilst those in Galicia, Salamanca and Navarra are a bit further but improved motorway links make the whole region accessible by ferry - call us for advice on drive times, stop-overs and best routes.

Some clients prefer to take a Spanish route in one direction combined with a French crossing on the other leg - no problem!

For information about Brittany Ferries sailings please phone (01223 328721) or email us on [email protected]

French routes

For those who prefer to drive some more and spend less time on the boat, Brittany Ferries' routes to France can be a good compromise. The shortest mileage to the Spanish border at Irun, just round the corner from Biarritz, is from St Malo (730kms). For western Channel ports there are crossings from Portsmouth to St Malo, Cherbourg or Caen, from Poole to Cherbourg, and from Plymouth to Roscoff.