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Holiday Wifi in nothern Spain

Mobile Wifi wherever you go

Stay connected during your visit to Spain with an AlldayInternet mobile internet server. And booking with Casas Cantabricas you will enjoy a 10% discount!

How it Works

The AlldayInternet device works as portable WiFi which will enable you to connect up to 5 devices such as laptops, phones, iPads, tablets, PSPs, etc… simultaneously. You will be able to surf the internet through the Spanish 3G network without paying exorbitant roaming costs.

  • Small, light and easy to carry.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends through Skype, WhatsApp...
  • Update your trip on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...
  • Connect yourself to 5 different devices simultaneously: iPhones, Androids, Windows8, laptops, iPads, tablets, PSPs, etc.
  • 3G coverage in most of Spain. *though generally good, coverage may be somewhat limited in some rural areas. The supplier will select the network with the best coverage for your holiday location.
  • Avoid unwanted bills by disconnecting the roaming option

Casas Cantabricas Special Offer

Book through Casas Cantabricas and you'll receive a 10% discount:

Just click on the link below, choose your preferred options, and book your device -

When prompted enter the discount code 'CASAS10' then in the 'delivery options' choose 'Company' and enter 'Casas Cantabricas' and we'll take care of the delivery details so you can receive it with your keys!