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Segway through the Irati forest

Sprawling across the high Pyrenees of eastern Navarra, the forest of Irati is Europe's second largest beech / fir forest and surely one of the most beautiful woodlands anywhere in the world. A paradise for nature lovers and walkers alike there's certainly room for everyone to find their own space here. For a bit of fun with the family why not rent a Segway and get exploring! Irati Magikoa in Orbaitzeta (the gateway to the forest) rent out the Segways or mountain bikes if you prefer.

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Ref: NAV8
Legasa, Navarra
Bedrooms: 4 / Sleeps: 8
Spacious, sunny apartment, nicely furnished and well placed for walkers.
From £640 - £690 pw


Ref: NAV6
Ecay, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 6
16th century stone-built manor house at the heart of Navarra
From £790 - £840 pw

Casa San Juan

Ref: NAV1
Jaurrieta, Navarra
Bedrooms: 4 / Sleeps: 6
Traditional Pyrenean village setting. Perfect for mountains and Irati forest
From £900 - £900 pw


Ref: NAV7
Artazu, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 6
Village house with original wine cellar - ideal to cool off in the summer heat
From £700 - £790 pw
Premier Selection

Etxezuria II

Ref: NAV3
Arizkun, Navarra
Bedrooms: 7 / Sleeps: 14
Living museum of Agote woodcraft. A unique experience of Baztan life and culture.
From £2000 pw
Premier Selection

Goiko Aldatxea

Ref: NAV10
Etxalar, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 7
Navarran style with a soft 'natural' touch. Pretty village near coast and French Pais Basque.
From £1190 - £1290 pw

Ikaburua I

Ref: NAV4
Urdax, Navarra
Bedrooms: 1 / Sleeps: 2
Great value apartment right on the French border.
From £340 - £420 pw

Ikaburua II

Ref: NAV5
Urdax, Navarra
Bedrooms: 2 / Sleeps: 4
Apartment with spacious terrace for sitting out, right on the French border
From £420 - £490 pw

Mountain hotel, Irati forest

Ref: HNAV4
Jaurrieta, Navarra
Bedrooms: 7

From £110 rm/night

Posada, riverside garden

Ref: HNAV1
Donamaria, Navarra
Bedrooms: 5

From £130 rm/night
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