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Horseriding Arbayun Gorge

Maybe it's the lofty escarpments on either side or maybe the vultures circling overhead but there's something about riding a horse through the Foz de Arbayun in Navarra reminscent of the good old fashioned cowboy movies. The base is the Hipica de Arbayun in the village of Usun and they have excursions for all abilities, call us or ask in any local tourist office for more details.

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Ref: NAV8
Legasa, Navarra
Bedrooms: 4 / Sleeps: 8
Spacious, sunny apartment, nicely furnished and well placed for walkers.
From £N/A pw


Ref: NAV6
Ecay, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 6
16th century stone-built manor house at the heart of Navarra
From £N/A pw

Casa San Juan

Ref: NAV1
Jaurrieta, Navarra
Bedrooms: 4 / Sleeps: 6
Traditional Pyrenean village setting. Perfect for mountains and Irati forest
From £N/A pw


Ref: NAV7
Artazu, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 6
Village house with original wine cellar - ideal to cool off in the summer heat
From £N/A pw
Premier Selection

Etxezuria II

Ref: NAV3
Arizkun, Navarra
Bedrooms: 7 / Sleeps: 14
Living museum of Agote woodcraft. A unique experience of Baztan life and culture.
From £N/A pw
Premier Selection

Goiko Aldatxea

Ref: NAV10
Etxalar, Navarra
Bedrooms: 3 / Sleeps: 7
Navarran style with a soft 'natural' touch. Pretty village near coast and French Pais Basque.
From £N/A pw

Ikaburua I

Ref: NAV4
Urdax, Navarra
Bedrooms: 1 / Sleeps: 2
Great value apartment right on the French border.
From £N/A pw

Ikaburua II

Ref: NAV5
Urdax, Navarra
Bedrooms: 2 / Sleeps: 4
Apartment with spacious terrace for sitting out, right on the French border
From £N/A pw

Mountain hotel, Irati forest

Ref: HNAV4
Jaurrieta, Navarra
Bedrooms: 7

From £110 rm/night

Posada, riverside garden

Ref: HNAV1
Donamaria, Navarra
Bedrooms: 5

From £130 rm/night
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